Straight from a Kentucky Farm!

Straight from a Kentucky Farm!

Straight from a Kentucky Farm! Straight from a Kentucky Farm! Straight from a Kentucky Farm!

Try Our New Salted Caramel Corn


Dairy Free Salted Caramel Corn

You're sure to enjoy our new Salted Carmel Corn without worrying about a ton of buttery caramel getting stuck in your teeth! 

We make our Salted Caramel Corn with brown sugar and molasses, so it's dairy free and not super heavy and coated like most ordinary

caramel corn.  We want you to taste our farm fresh popcorn as well as the caramel, after all it's caramel corn and not caramel candy!  

We like to say it's not just ordinary caramel corn, it's Mr. G's Salted Caramel Corn! 



Our original Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

All natural sweet & salty kettle corn, made with only 4 ingredients, that's it! No artificial colors or sweeteners. 

No Nuts 

No Dairy

No Preservatives  

No Artificial Flavors 

It's Gluten Free, Certified non-GMO, Vegetarian, Vegan 

 "It's not just ordinary popcorn, it's Mr. G's Kettle Corn!"


Premium Popcorn

Still like to popcorn the old fashioned way?  Our premium popcorn is grown just for the home poppers and is sure to bring back those nostalgic times of popping fresh popcorn at home on the stove top with family and friends!

Did we mention you can also pop our premium popcorn in the microwave?       


Movie Theater Popcorn

Our Movie Theater Popcorn is sure to please that salty buttery craving.  The large 11oz bag is perfect for those move nights at home with friends and family!  

Available exclusively at area Liquor Barn Locations   

Custom Bags and Orders



From small and easy to big and extravagant, the designs and ideas are only limited to your imagination!



 Perfect for birthday parties! 

Baby Showers

Perfect for Baby Showers!

Perfect for Baby Showers!

Corporate Events


You're guaranteed to see your employees or customers smile when they walk in and see their very own personal size bag of Mr. G's Kettle Corn! 

Company Promotions


 Skip the ink pens and buttons give your customers something they will really enjoy!  

Popcorn Bars


Choose from our original kettle corn, salted caramel corn, movie theater popcorn, sweet jalapeño or a mixture of our original and caramel, then let your guest help their selves!